Kempsey Music Studios provides discounted guitar repairs, restrings and action re-sets (string lowering) to non-students as we do for our students, including our free pick-up and delivery service (central areas).
By servicing your guitar at a reduced, budget rate, we expose many more potential guitar students to our wide range of beginner and advanced guitar lessons.
RESTRINGS: $20 including strings - Acoustic- Electric- Classical Floyd Rose POA.
ACTION RE-SET: If your guitar is hard to play, produces sore fingers and always sounds a little out of turn, the 3rd string in particular, your action needs adjustment.
$45 (excludes Floyd Rose ).
Add $20 for new strings.
Strings can be fitted Standard or Lock-tight.

PHONE 65672157 or email to arrange a pick-up of your guitar- If we pick-up on Wed, it's back on Sat..if we pick-up on Sat, it's back on Wed.